David and Sudie Nutt Queen Suite - Room 7

Located on the East side of the hotel on Crockett Street, this room is arguably our most beautiful, and is professionally decorated in tan, cream, and crisp white tones. It is one of only two of our suites that have an all in one bath, where the shower and tub is a single unit.

This room is decorated in a Victorian bridal theme, and also features a Sleigh-Day Bed, to house a third guest. Very spacious and inviting, it is nestled between two slightly larger rooms in the center of the East Historic Hallway. If you prefer just a little more privacy than being right on the Grand Sitting Room or want space for a child or third friend in a group, you may want to select this exquisite room, and relax in the tranquility of all of the luxury the unique Nutt House Hotel provides.

A Kitchen Nook with a microwave, refrigerator, and ice chest, are just around the corner in the center of the West Historic Hallway, directly across from the Breakfast Buffet Room.

(See David and Sudie Nutt biographical information below.)

Rates: $99 during Weekdays Sun-Wed
$129 during Weekends Thurs-Sat

David and Sudie Nutt Historical Mini-Biography

David Lee Nutt, is certainly amongst one of the most enduring and endearing Granbury figures. David Lee Nutt was the youngest of the children born to David and Sarah Nutt, of Tennessee. He worked since the documented age of twelve, serving as the eyes in business to his elder blind brothers, Jesse and Jacob Nutt.

David married Sue Garland Landers in 1872, and had four children. Only one of their offspring however, a son named Henry, survived to full adulthood. David and Sudie built a home in 1879 just two blocks away from the site of the family mercantile on the square (The Bridge Street History Center). As David took over more of the business' burden after Jacob Nutt withdrew in the 1890's, more of it fell to Sudie and Jessie's wife Elizabeth to provide hospitality to salesmen and customers who needed a place to stay overnight. Eventually, so many people stayed regularly in the big white house on Bridge Street, that it became known affectionately in the community as the "Nutt House Hotel!" This continued well past the turn of the century. A contemporary's account describes them: "As host and hostess, Mr. Nutt and his amiable wife are without peers as entertainers, and all who stop beneath their roof are made to feel at home."

Meanwhile, the grand limestone building had been erected in 1893 to house the brothers' prospering mercantile business. Advancing age and a desire for more family privacy prompted David and his son Henry to undertake the conversion of the second floor of that building into the original ten room Hotel, now celebrated as The Historic Nutt House Hotel. The hotel boasted two indoor full bathrooms – one for the gentlemen, and one for the ladies – state of the art for that time and place. For years, throughout the,
"Hey Day's," of the roaring twenties and the original run of the renowned Granbury Opera House, the Nutt Hotel was "THE" place to stay on the Granbury square!

Sudie passed away in 1920, and David followed her in death in 1929. Along with their ancestry, they left behind a rich legacy of civic-mindedness and hospitality that continues to this day! The Nutt House Hotel has always been a place where love, joy, warmth and laughter have always been celebrated!

In the late 1960's, David and Sudie's home was purchased and restored by their great-granddaughter Mary Lou Watkins. This original home became a museum in their honor, as well at the Nutt family, in 2009 (The Bridge Street History Center).